About MCPS

MCPS Background

MCPS develops, markets, and sells a line of products and services that provide comprehensive solutions for authorizing, processing, and managing credit card transactions over the Internet. Founded in 1998, MCPS has rapidly become a leading provider of Internet-based transaction services. MCPS has formed strategic alliances with leading financial institutions and technology partners to deliver the most comprehensive online authorization, processing and transaction services in the industry.

MCPS provides Internet electronic commerce solutions for companies that are serious about making money on the web. With MCPS, online businesses can rapidly turn a website into a significant source of revenue. The MCPS system integrates Internet sales into existing business models and processes, while reducing fraud. MCPS is dedicated to providing commerce and payment services for merchants everywhere. Our commitment to service and quality along with cutting-edge technology make us the merchant’s choice.

MCPS Facility

MCPS maintains a world-class facility with organic equipment under its own exclusive control. Our data center includes multiple and dedicated fiber paths, redundant cooling, two-stage UPS and generator power protection, FM-200 clean agent fire suppression, and 24-hour armed guard and electronic security.

MCPS servers are connected to collision-free, low-latency, fully switched local network, with multiple outgoing lines for redundant connectivity to the Internet. We are currently operating three fiber optic DS-3s connected to three world-class network service providers or backbones. Our current routing configuration gives us direct fiber and Gigabit Ethernet connections to all major providers.

We employ a two-stage power protection system to ensure the best response to power problems. The first stage is our industrial UPS system which provides redundant, scalable, online power protection for high-end equipment. Our UPS system has enough capacity to sustain operations for 45 minutes for the entire network. Should a power outage occur, our automatic transfer switch, (ATS), fails over to dedicated facility diesel generators. The ATS monitors utility power, and in the event of any significant interruption of power, automatically starts the generator and transfers all load once the generated power is clean. The entire switch over process takes less than .06 seconds.